WHAT IS [email protected]

  1. [email protected] is an acronym for Australians Supporting Kids at Vinh Son(VS) Orphanages.  There are six (6) such orphanages located in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, in the province of Kon Tum.  There are approximately 700 children ranging in ages from 0 to 18, in care in the VS.
  2. [email protected] is a charity.  It is not an officially sanctioned charity organization or Non Government Organisation (NGO) therefore at this time, is not able to offer donors any tax concessions.  Its work is carried out by a small group of Australians who are committed to helping the children who call VSO their home.
  3. Founder, Derek Smith, raises funds from family, friends, fellow veterans, ex-service organizations, service clubs, church groups and corporations, in Australia and overseas.  Donations enable [email protected] to carry out projects in the VSO such as building dormitories, toilet facilities, kitchens, wells, bakeries and class rooms.  Funds also provide for health care for the children, provision of essential food, dental care and educational needs.


Engage in projects that contribute to the health, education and general well being of the children of Vinh Son orphanages, Kon Tum, Vietnam.

This mission is achieved through provision of resources (cash and in kind donations) to the Vinh Son Orphanages in Kon Tum.  100 % of resources go to the orphanages.


  1. In close consultation with the Sisters who administer the orphanages, identify, prioritize and undertake projects or provide resources that will:
    • support self sustainability for the orphanage,
    • contribute to the health and general well being of the children living in the orphanages, and
    • contribute to the education of the children living in the orphanages.
  2. Monitor works during progress and/or sight all goods provided for projects to ensure good quality..
  3. Maintain detailed records for all projects and provide feedback in the form of newsletters, web updates and presentations, to all donors to ensure absolute transparency.